03 November 2006

Dexie's Midnight Diners

Dinner at a friend's house a while back. The guy on the left is Dick Pountain who gave me my first break a million years ago together with Felix Dennis. The chap on the right is Jeff Dexter one of the pillars of the DJ scene, and a great lover of hats. I used to gyrate hideously to his music at Implosion at the Roundhouse a billion years ago. The lady is a big fish at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Pentel brush pen and grey brushtip marker on cartridge sketchbook from Seawhite of Brighton 14.5cm x 20cm Click pic to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me for posterity Ellis. Nice drawing.


Maggie Pountain said...

Hope you don't mind - I've copied this picture to my desktop - purely for personal perusal. Dick's my brother!I'll delete it if this isn't OK