22 May 2014

19 May 2014

Withered leg

No, he didn't have a withered leg.
Ballpoint pen, 17 x 27cm. Click to enlarge.

16 May 2014

The stand-in model

The model was late so this guy stood in to begin with.
Pencil 9 x 14cm. Click to enlarge.

14 May 2014

11 May 2014

Naked French Lady

Feeling ropey during lifedrawing, but managed to draw this before dropping off.
Fibre tip pen and brushpen. A4 size. Click to enlarge.

09 May 2014

The Butterfly Eyebrows

I finally finished a sketchbook I started in September 1982.
Watercolour, gouache and ink, A4 size. Click to enlarge.

08 May 2014

03 May 2014

Nameless Dread

I woke up to be told I have a bad case of Nameless Dread. I replied "Nil Desperandum dear"
ArtSet app on iPad. Click to enlarge.

02 May 2014

30 April 2014

28 April 2014

Atop Kilimanjaro

A black bird atop a blue elephant atop the other Kilimanjaro.
Oils on paper 25 x 28cm. Click to enlarge.

21 April 2014

17 April 2014

Seven Men of Sheringham

Seven Sheringham men: Coaley Briggums, Dermotte Fannymore, Kreasey Binks, Farrow Bottle (the pianist), Farrow Middleton Little (cousin of Whydrawanything), Blitchams Pugaloff and Sir Brough Duffle.
Mixed media. A4 size. Click to enlarge.

16 April 2014

Eight Men of Sheringham

Eight fine men of Sheringham, Norfolk: Greasy Hat, Bumshee West, Cutty Doker, Darruck Odden,Teapott Grice, Black Tad, Barwick Pearcue and Dogless Bishop.
Pen, pencil and gouache. A4 size. Click to enlarge.

15 April 2014