18 December 2006

Croc brain

The thin veneer of civilisation and so forth. Click pic to view full size.
Pentel brush pen on layout paper. A4 size. Scanned and coloured in Ye Olde Photoshoppe.


Katherine S said...

hahahahah!! funny one! i love it! esp the crocodile dog :)

Jeannetto said...

yeah, my brain is split up between Vonnegut/Sketchblog. But maybe I'm a little more croc than human.


Fossfor said...

I've got the carravaggio and zen bits in my head, and the food as well :)
this is really funny!!

Michelle Lana said...


Anonymous said...

Real nice drawing... but where's the word "sex" in the man's brain?


Mattias Adolfsson said...

I guess the crock is happier