22 November 2006

Has it been signed?

I tend to collect printed ephemera which never gets used but rots in a box somewhere. This collage is a rare instance of combining some of this stuff. I've always been influenced by Saul Steinberg who loved the art of petty officialdom. He also bore a striking resemblance to my Dad.
A dummy hardback book given to me by a publisher. 20cm x 27cm.


Jade said...

Ellis this piece is lovely! Hope you get around to using more of you rotting ephemera....I have an awful lot of that, too. I use a lot - but can never keep up with what i collect, it just keeps piling up.

Thanks for the link! I am adding a link here at this very moment....your blog is great.

ElizT said...

'All types of rat' is nice.

The Unknown said...


Rui Sousa said...

Very lovely and sweet work!

Congratulations and regards!

O Temporário