12 October 2009

The Pinocchio Ride

Top half of the Pinocchio ride. Am currently drawing the lower section.
Pen and ink with watercolour and acrylic. A1 size. Click to enlarge.


problemchildbride said...

You can't hear my delighted shriek, but that don't mean bears don't shit in the woods. What is it with you and noses? I freakin' love this!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Brilliant stuff yet again Ellis.

Sad git that I am, I've just picked through the ascent route of the mountain rescue team.

Steve said...

Wow. (I really feel like I should write something more cerebral here. But my first reaction with a lot of your work is just...wow!)

Needs saying sometimes.

Ira R said...

love this so fun!

Oscar Grillo said...

This is the route taken by Pinocchio when he went to visit the dog Melampo.