04 July 2009

Ticket to Fiskieland

Do you, do you wanna go, do you wanna know, do you wanna go to Fiskieland?
Mixed media 28cm x 20cm. Click to enlarge.


Olaf said...

"I have to be honest: I don't use the Internet. I've never seen a blog in my life. I don't even use email, I don't waste my time with this. I am not interested. I couldn't care less. I think the Internet has become a hate machine for a lot of people and I want nothing to do with it."

Robert Fisk

Steve said...

If this is a place almost wholly populated by creatures resembling Robert Fisk, I don't wanna know, and I don't really think I wanna go either.

this just in said...

HOW can I get one?