14 November 2006

Ginsberg's Bum

Very quick sketch of a lady in the Parliament Hill cafe...I blinked and she was gone. Above her is an image based on a haiku by Allen Ginsberg composed in his back yard in Berkeley in 1955:
Looking over my shoulder
my behind was covered
with cherry blossoms.

The other image is a giant Ginsbergian nose propped up by a stick: it seemed to make sense at the time.
Tiny flimsy Moleskine pocket notebook, previously soaked in seawater during a beach mishap. 9cm x 14cm.


Margaret Nelson said...

I wonder if your impression of Ginsberg's bum isn't rather flattering?

Marc Snyder said...

"Ginsberg's Bum" made me smile. Well, your drawing, that is. And the poem. Great blog, thanks for putting it out here.