07 September 2009

Mimmo at Versilia

Drew this after seeing the Mimmo Paladino "Pinocchio" exhibition at Versilia.
Ink and watercolour 21cm x 15cm. Click to enlarge.


problemchildbride said...

I like your version of Pinocchio - a naughty little boy suspended above a sea of horrors. He looks so little and alone up there, like he belongs in an Edward Gorey Cautionary Tale or something. What if his terrible nose of fibs breaks the little boat!!! The little boat is his only possible salvation. Is truth stronger than lies?

Do his nostrils go all the way to the end of his nose? He could maybe survive by snorkling, at least, that is, until he feels the terrible grabbing of a terrible something's terrible jaws around his ankle.

Steve said...

There be a lot of weird old shit under them thar waters innit?

Damion009 said...

ha! this is so cool!