06 September 2009

Job's a good 'un

The Book of Job certainly makes for a fun holiday read....not.
My copy was the 1927 Westminster Press edition with the dreadful overrated William Blake engravings. These sketches were as far as I got in planning a new edition before giving up and having an ice cream instead.
Brushpen. Each page 21cm x 15cm. Click pics to enlarge.


Julie Oakley said...

Oh goody somebody else who thinks the same way as I do about William Blake's artwork.

Steve said...

Yeah, Job, he was a bit of a hopeless case wasn't he? Would love to see (buy?) a piece of work based on this.

problemchildbride said...

Oh no! I hope you change your mind back again! Nadler does Job -what a brilliant idea! I would most definitely pay money for something like that, on the basis of that hedge sketch alone.

ElizT said...

I agree; dislike Blake, love the hedge and animals, full of admiration for Mr Nadler.

Kevin Musgrove said...

My vote, too, for the Nadler edition of Job. I'll even buy you an ice cream so that it's not an either/or.

I hadn't seen this Blake engravings before. By gum, he was having an off-day, wasn't he?