10 July 2009


Spermzilla escapes from the North East England Stem Cell Institute.
Acrylic on paper 31cm x 41cm. Click to enlarge.


problemchildbride said...

My God! I hope it doesn't meet with Eggenstein, the half turkey, half Bernard Manning hybrid they've created in Norfolk! Because it's a slippery slope you know! Once we start allowing unnatural fertilisations like that to happen, it's bound to lead to something truly monstrous like whole new breeds of Tory MPs or uncontrollable herds of lab-grown DHSS counter-staff roaming all over the British Isles slavering for chits to stamp. You know it's gonna happen one day.

Oscar Grillo said...

Captain Libido will come to the rescue.

Unknown said...

Somebody get out the giant tighty whities! (They lower your sperm count, you know.)