12 July 2009


New for London Fashion Week, the Judeo-Phrygian hat.
Two colour lino cut 25cm x 25cm. Click to enlarge.


problemchildbride said...

That Judeo-Phrygian is going to get his head wet if it rains. There's a hole in the top of his hat-knot. But I guess he's wearing it fo high fashion purposes rather than for functionality. It looks like an awfully complicated technique to get it on right. It's a Gordion hat and you know how they solve Gordion hats. They'd have to destroy it to get it off. That would be so freakin' fashionable.

Steve said...

In the words of the Judeo-Austrian "Bruno": "How far can you put that hat up the poopenschafte before its dangerous?"

El editor said...

In Cataluña the still use the Phrygian hat. They call it "Berretina". I have one and wear it in London underground in winter.