02 August 2008

Golden Calf II

Continuation of previous post.
Watercolour 17cm x 12.5cm. Click to enlarge


Steve said...

Using my Sherlock-Holmesian detective abilities, I'm beginning to think Nadler's recently been holidaying in Rome, Watson.

Oi Nads - my theory about you taking over the internet is coming true. Logged onto cartoonstock.com this morn, and one of your pictures is being used as part of their rotation of Cartoon Masters at work.

You Have Arrived. Innit.

BTW. My University has offered you the princely sum of £5.25 (plus tips) to be their on-site shitsmear cleaner. Contact me if you're interested in taking up the post.

ElizT said...

I just marvel.

Catnapping said...

holy shit this is phenomenal work. the emotion that energizes your fingers, and then your pen! i am always amazed with your results, and by now i shouldn't be.

neilornstein said...

udder foolishness ( but fine)

joseph's art and stuff said...

Just spent the past few minutes looking through your posts, amazing stuff in here. I'll return to enjoy some more.