03 August 2008

Astronomer Royale

Two stage designs for my forthcoming opera "The Astronomer Royale"
Top: Watercolour 12.5 cm x 17.5cm
Bottom: Acrylic
12.5 cm x 17.5cm Click 'em to enlarge


Kevin Musgrove said...

I hope the orchestration does justice to the design.

Rico said...

Looks like it could cure migraines.

mcverhoog said...

I like the acrylic a lot. Very expressive.

Steve said...

Always hard to tell with these if the seeing contraption is aiding the viewer (by helping them to see more) or just sucking their eyes out.

Larry Eisenstein said...

I like the cone going the other way. I'm sick of the big picture. I want to see only hairballs, dust mites and lint. Your contraption is an abomination that defiles our capacity to sense nuance and examine snot.

We know you mean well Ellis but I've heard these things are turning up in Afghanistan warzones. The Taliban can detect silent ready-to-eat meal farts at 1 kilometre distance with these scopes and pick off our peacekeepers.

Have you no ethics Nadler Corp.?