28 November 2006

Self portrait

A self-portrait in oils, inspired by the painting-a-day movement. Having fun trying oil paints after a break of many years.
Oil paint on masonite. 12.5cm x 18cm.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I've always admired someone who can paint realistically and capture a person's soul. Not that Flickr gives one a glimpse of one's soul, but I think I could look at this picture anywhere and say "Hey, that's Nad!".

Katherine S said...

Wow!! awesome! i wish i could be that good with oil! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning Ellis

I come to you via The Amazing Swedish Man's blog. Your blog is just sensational. I'm kind of new to drawing and blogging, so I'm groping out there seeking the boundaries and dimensions of the art world. You have just defined the far wall.

I've never seen anyone create in so many styles. I love the way you give a sentence or two about process and materials. I've spent almost an hour looking through your archives. There's so much there for me to feed my growth spurts.

The one you posted today is just arresting. I agree with Chris Humphrey.


Margaret Nelson said...

Very sensible - the hat, I mean. Are you wearing a vest too? Sorry - shouldn't ask personal questions.