23 December 2006

Peace? No peace

I spotted this alien craft in Tuscany last July (click it to enlarge). It reminds me of a scene from the movie "Independence Day":

Where do your people come from?
(no answer)
Where is your home?


And before here?

Many worlds...

Can we negotiate a truce? is
there room for co-existance?
(no answer)
Can there be peace between us?

Peace? No peace.

Pentel brush pen, Rotring sketch pen and watercolour. 25cm x 18cm.


Unknown said...

Hey, I like this! It looks organic somehow, very insect/bird-like. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!
Love your style!

Unknown said...

reminds me the Hayao Miyazaki's style. Good work. Congratulations

Jeannetto said...

Cool ship & great word-by-word reinactment of independance day. one of my top ten favorite will smith movies.

Anonymous said...

great illo! let's hope they will be wrong in the end, one day ... peace!

harmoniousjosh said...

Looks like the first car I owned.

studio lolo said...

I love your work!

neilornstein said...

the president of Italy?

why do alien invaders always go to washington these days? if i were seeking to take over the earth I would be happy to start with Tuscany. Acrtually I would settle for a villa, with access to a car, a nice garden, a view of the hills.

Steve said...

Hi Ellis, Christmas Eve and the Solstice here in Japan. There seem to be coincidences linking some of my everyday to your drawing. The 17th december one appeared to correspond to some of the lyrics on one of the toons in Ziggy Stardust (so your psyche may be clad in platforms and sequins), this is an album my Kids have just discovered and I was listening to it while doing my daily doo. Independence day appeared at exactly the point you chose to recall on my TV at lunchtime on the day you put your drawing up. I think I should be off and take my existential detective license.

Brine Blank said...

Nice pic...style reminds me of a children's book I had about a steam shovel...the aliens must've had it as well...

Kay Aker said...

Love the rickety,ramshackle,slipshod look of this vehicle! Is it coal powered?