16 December 2006

It's my birthday and I'll draw if I want to..

1)Drew the plane before breakfast to try out my new Moleskine watercolour book. Gouache and ink. Dedicated to Tommy Kane and Mattias Adolfsson.
2)Later, over tepid soup I drew the bloke and little lady in a local cafe. 6B pencil.
3)End the day at a party, chatting to these friends until 2am. Pentel brushpen and Rotring sketch pen.


Anonymous said...

Great life drawing Ellis.. Nice to see that you use different mediums for different occasions.


Ginnie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...are you going to take your friends for a ride in your new plane?? All I got for my birthday was OLDER.

kane said...

Happy birthday ellis. Great drawing. I'm very flattered to be mentioned. Love your blog. Stay in touch. Your friend, Tommy Kane

jordan said...

Say it's your birthday? It's my birthday too, yeah.

Hope you had a good one. I know I did.