28 November 2010

40 years on

I was looking through a box of old papers and found this letter I wrote to my parents in 1970. I am now roughly the same age as my father was then. It says:

Dear Mum & Dad,
Nothing much has happened since I last wrote. I am doin' O.K. at school. Ask me about art school in January because that is when I apply. Please send Jonathan a little money so that I can buy a coat (temperature today 48F. with 20m.p.h. winds) I do not need a suit. Instead some sweaters. I have half term holyday nest [sic] week and shall therefore be goin' to see Brahms #1 Symphony, Black Sabbath et Waiting for Godot at the Young VIC (yes, the Young VIC). Why don't you all write! Please save up all the matchboxes (and matchbooks) that you can get because I collect them. I must go and do my homework now. Goodbye. Please send this letter back....

Wednesday 21 October 1970

Pen and ink 26cm x 20cm. Click to enlarge.
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