08 October 2010

The God Slot

The Gentleman's Sketching Klub Internationale de Londres met today on the steps of St.Paul's cathedral. Our esteemed leader chose the North Bank of the river to draw, but I preferred to do some people watching in and around the church. My first victim was a garrulous lady who was too busy chatting on the phone to notice me drawing her. I didn't intend to make her look 20 years older and it's probably just as well she didn't see it.

Nowadays you have to pay a large entry fee to look around the cathedral. Sod that. However there is a small chapel for quiet prayer and contemplation at no charge, so I took a pew and drew these guys praying. The chap near the pillar was the spitting image of Ricky Gervais. The insert is a blurred photo taken with my phone.

We met up in Paternoster Square for a sandwich and discussed the skills required to draw chickens.
Brushpens on A5 cartridge sketchbook. Click to enlarge.
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