25 September 2010

The Drawing Club of London

I went on my first outing with the London Drawing Group yesterday. The location was a rather soggy Trafalgar Square and I worked from the shelter of the National Gallery portico. Our intrepid leader (shown above) actually managed to fit Nelson's Column onto the page, which is no mean feat. I'm afraid my scrappy little sketch was quite awful, but to be fair it's actually very difficult to draw perched on one leg whilst balancing a paintbox, sketchbook and water bottle in one hand, all the while trying to ignore the tourists peeking over my shoulder. I preferred drawing the people rushing about in the square and their reflections on the wet pavement.
Over lunch we discussed the merits of vodka as a painting medium, the shape of future teabags, and whether scepticism about cycle helmets is justified.
Pencil and watercolour approc 13cm x 11cm. Click to enlarge.


Jessie said...

Sounds like an excellent day to me! I love those sketches with the reflections. :)

ElizT said...

Me too, wonderful.

CatherineMary said...

Your Intrepid Leader looks familiar - is he on telly or something? Nice wobbly drawings.. Looking forward to my inaugural LDG outing.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Oscar Grillo said...

Shit!!!...This is REALLY Californian!...And all the worse for it...Let me to continue respecting you and your art, get out of there!!

Larry said...

That's cool. Getting out, Hanging out with drawers. Haven't visited your work in a while. Wonderful to see!