17 October 2009


Bumped into Richard Wentworth today...I haven't seen him since 1975-ish. When I got home I dug out this tiny sketchbook page from 1974. Verso is a dream I painstakingly recorded (on hand ruled lines and red margin). Recto relates to I know not what.
Pen and coloured pencil. 13cm x 9cm. Click to enlarge.


problemchildbride said...

1974 was indeed an auspicious year but that's no call to be dreaming about pebbledash, beige and bullishness. Unless you were having a vision of the 80s ahead of time. In which case, why didn't you warn anyone?

This drawing reminds me of exams taken in the music block in secondary school when in was May and always beastly hot in there.

Lulu LaBonne said...

intense dream - was 1974 a difficult year?

Steve said...

I was having similarly florid dreams in 1974 (I was three).

Now I dream in beige of...beige.