26 May 2009

Half an hour

A 30 minute pose. What do models think about?
Brush pen and wash. A3 size. Click to enlarge.


Olaf said...

30 minutes is a long time. With my limited skills I prefer much shorter poses, just enough to catch the posture. On longer sittings my mind goes blank and I start doodling. I guess if models had pen and pad at hand they would also start doodling.

Santiago Mansilla said...

I guess they think about what are they going to do after posing, or "ouch my leg, I dont feel my leg! I can´t move it!"

ElizT said...

Or, "Who might give me a ride to the ferry."

Margaret Nelson said...

We had a model who liked reclining poses, when she usually fell asleep. When she started snoring, our laughing woke her up.

Steve said...

I think I'm more interested to know what you think about.

Or: wherefore springs the daily sublimation. What is the sublimation for?

Not prying. Just curious.

Feel you have things to teach me. About How-To-Be and stuff.

Unknown said...
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