23 May 2009

Friedman's Pencil

I set out to disprove Milton Friedman's assertion that no one on Earth can make a pencil.
Wood,string,rubber. 32cm long.


Olaf said...

Ha! There's enough rubber there to last for a year. I would like to make a brush from Milton Friedman's hair - a tiny brush. But it's too late I'm afraid.

Steve said...

I have the head of Milton Friedman in a jar of brine. Olaf, will give you a brush's worth for a fiver.

Anna Nadler said...

Wow, so cool!

Where can I get me one of those? ;)

Dear Fireflies said...

Heheheeehee... Sorry, can't help laughing at this! Great idea, good sir. Watch out Staedtler!!! (^O^)