29 September 2008

Weapons Grade

I'm almost ready to weaponize these drawings.
Pen and ink with watercolour. 12cm x 16cm. Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

That first one looks kind of hieroglyphic for "Jobbing Judges And Snake-Hunting Agency: Come to us for all your blind justice and Herpetocidal needs." I'm sure that's the correct interpretation. I'm awfully clever at these things.

*Just nod. Don't show me up in front of your smarter commenters. Comments can be weaponized too, you know...*

I don't know what the other drawings mean, but I'm sure they mean something bad in Tarot. Has that last fella weaponized his cod-piece, or has his horse tipped over?

miketoons said...

I don't think these drawings are offensive. Inspectors will report back soon.

Steve said...

"Women with big ears but small boobs is liable to be a shrew."

Old Serbian saying.

ElizT said...

I like the tree hat.
is it too smarty-pants to ask if he works in a particular branch of the fire service?

Unknown said...

The helmet with built in camouflage could be quite handy. Wonderful.