31 July 2008


Donald Crowhurst, a British National Treasure.
Pen and ink on watercolour. 11cm x 15cm.


Steve said...

Keep up the stamp-making. You're well on your way to NatTresh status Nads.

Steve said...

Or even Nash-Tresh.


Can't be arsed to delete old comment for new. Bumps up your comments anway, so it's kinda win-win, no?

ElizT said...

Wish I knew what you were on about; can't even see the Crowhurst video ['not available in your country'].
There's another non-comment for you!

Curious Art said...

I've seen the film ("Deep Water", for those who can't link to it) & your image evokes the desperate surreality of that race. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Steve said...

I think I'm going to rename my blog Desperate Surreality.

Or maybe just Desperate.

Or maybe just D (as in disappointment/death).