11 March 2007

Dreaming of Basel

Holbein was a signwriter from Basel, so there's hope for me yet.
Pen ink and watercolour on Moleskine sketchbook 13cm x 21cm. Click to enlarge.


Cuffe said...

I love this- I think with my teaching you are becoming quite good. Seriously, I think this is one of your best, great work.

Mattias Adolfsson said...

hm, I'm trying to find the symbolism of this one, but my brain hurts.

Bill Z said...

love those lines

Michelle Lana said...


Steve said...

Here is an aluminum link that I hadn't found before.
A good start with the pictures, but the objects are a little dull.
Another one with a more serious furnace.
The first step is a skip tour to find a gas or parafin burner with a blower and some fire brick type material to get your metal up to 800C. I got mine from the guy that delivers our LPG, he had taken it off a bath water heater to send for scrap and I saw it in his yard as I was passing. You also need an old gas cylinder or some such to act as a crucible. For a couple of goes just buy some fine sand and make patterns in sand to pour the molten metal in, that should give you an idea of the hazards. The only real care you need is NEVER put ANYTHING straight into the melt, always heat and lower in gently. On the day you forget this you will do the burnt monkey dance and then you will remember never to do it again. I will have a go at laying out my methods on the web site some day, but the best way to learn is just have a go at melting stuff first.

Honor said...

The linework in this is gorgeous, quite captivating. Really like the colour scheme.