28 January 2007

New Easel

I broke in my new easel this weekend with this charcoal study. Self-portrait with Stephen Merchant.
Charcoal on paper 100cm x 70cm. Click pic to enlarge.


jane humphrey said...

You have a knack and I admire it hugely (and I hope all those words have the same meaning in England as they do in California, or I could be in trouble).

Mattias Adolfsson said...

Love the hand, wonderful piece

Steve said...

Aha. Can now do a bit of name dropping by saying that I quite often see Marchant wandering around the O2 Centre on Finchley Road (looking suitably gormless). He has that look in his eye of yes-I-know-I'm-a-somebody-but-please-please-fucking-please-don't-stop-to-talk-to-me.

I don't. Wouldn't have anything to say to the bloke anyway.

"Hey Steve, like the comedy"?

P.L. Frederick said...

Holy cow but you can draw. Really like the contrast between the faces, comic boxes, and that wonderfully shaped circle-stick thing in the bottom right corner. What is that, a magical pencil broom?

Charcoal is so expressive.

Jeannetto said...

you have the face of an angel