25 December 2006


A child-thingy is born(?).

Based on the creation of the homunculus in Faust. Act II begins with Mephisto bringing the unconscious Faust to the old study. He comes upon Wagner, now a famous professor himself, who is creating life in the laboratory. Homunculus, the small human figure resulting from this experiment, takes Mephisto and the still unconscious Faust with him to the Classical Walpurgisnight in Greece, where gods, demigods, and other figures from ancient mythology are gathered. Here, Faust awakes and goes on a search for Helen, which leads him to the underworld. Mephisto wanders and resists seduction among the mythic creatures and acquires a suitably ugly shape for himself from the hideous Phorcyads. Homunculus seeks and finds a way to escape the glass phial he is still locked into and enters a higher state of existence in a union with the sea.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. Click pic to enlarge.
Oil painting on canvas board. About 60cm high.
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