31 December 2006

End of Saddam

I drew this while listening to the BBC news about Saddam's execution. I wonder what will arise in his place? Click to enlarge.
Pen, ink and watercolour on Moleskine sketchbook 20cm x 13cm.


Anonymous said...

Again... beautiful drawings ellis.

Happy new year!


Jeannetto said...

Great lines, I like like them.

And, if they had used that thing to kill saddam I'm sure the hanging would have had better TV ratings.

Thanks for your funny comment on my blog. But now, I have this insatiable "thirst" for some coke.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Stunning interpretation and nice twist!

Brine Blank said...

Ouch...nice device...I was thinking of ol' Saddam/the hanging/and this topic today...I wonder how many times you would have to reconstitute him and repeat the procedure for those wronged to get a feeling of justice?

Michelle Lana said...