08 November 2006


I bought a Filofax 6-hole paper punch and made a sketchbook using an old Filofax (remember those?...actually I think they're making a comeback due to the much anticipated palmtop backlash). This page is a collage thingy cut out from a screen print and a piece of metal I'd stamped with the mysterious name "A Splodder".
17cm x 9.5cm Click pic to enlarge.

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Margaret Nelson said...

Still have my Filofax but have been using a Palm for the last couple of years. Discovered too late that it was only saving my calendar for about 12 months, so no records before then. Have bought a Moleskine diary for next year - slimmer than a Filofax. They were on special offer. Now all I have to do is remember to use it.

I wonder what a splodder is?