13 October 2006

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells

A portrait of my eccentric friend. This is an extract from a letter he wrote to the Ham & High newspaper today. I have not changed a word of it:

"To be against the eruv is not anti Jewish fear as D. Shepperd demonstrate
I am more concerned by the possible il effect of such an High-tech device on person non dispentiated or non believer as no study anddata has been provided on the magneto/psychic field beeing non detrimental to health similar to mobile mast. It has been argued that the device is purely passive "a reminder " , if it is the case it should be visible to work. Original Eruve were a natural enclosure at a hight no more than the threshold ofthe dwelling door . If it can be "invisible" can it be underground or virtual ?.
It seem that the specifications differ from one expert to another and are just made to suit the argument. Finally as the Earth is round I suggest that the Barnett inhabitants are not in the eruv but the Hampsted dwellers are explaining my feeling unwell pushing my grandson pram over the boundary last week"

Sepia watercolour on Waterford paper from St.Cuthberts Mill 14cm x 10cm.
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